PICK OF THE WEEK: Cannes Film Grand Prix Edition

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Sony 'Balls'
Sony 'Balls'
Creativity and AdCritic have a respectable record for predicting the Film Grand Prix Winner (we missed in '03, but c'mon, as great as it is, nobody saw "Lamp" coming), but we're afraid this year we're going to willfully wreck our streak for the sake of standing by our principles. It calls to mind that other yearly ritual—making Oscar pool picks and the amateur mistake of picking the best film/performance over which ostensible crowd pleasers will actually win.

And so, we pick Sony "Balls," which is by far the best film, the best ad, the best piece of content, the most culturally resonant brand ambassador. Everything about "Balls" works—from the color-centric strategy to the simple idea, to the brilliant execution, including the choice of music, which has since become the "Sony song." Indeed when the ad is discussed, even outside of the ad world, it's as "the Sony ad." The spot is a prime example of the evolution of broadcast. It's branded entertainment taken to the streets and talked about on the web. It's a step into the future. What more can you ask of that ever more humble advertising form, the commercial?

Well, in Cannes terms, you can ask that a diverse group of people agree on it. And that's not likely. "Balls" incites strong opinions, and it hasn't dominated the U.S. awards circuit so far, getting a nod for music at the Andys and Clio Gold and Silver. Its double citation at D&AD bodes well, but other, less divisive entries may hold sway with the unique beast that is the Cannes jury.
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