PICK OF THE WEEK: Coke "What Goes Around"

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Coke 'What Goes Around'
Coke 'What Goes Around'
Mother London mixes up Jack White and Coke with some help from Nagi Noda, and the results are intoxicating.

It's no "I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke," but would a modern audience buy selfless generosity? In 2006, consumers are jaded enough to want a bit of edge with their saccharine sweet, and Jack White is an apt messenger. There will be accusations of selling out, but realistic fans (including yours truly) should admit that the brand and the musician are a match. Color schemes aside, Coke is at its best when it is keeping it real, as in last year's "Summer Stories" and this year's "Fountain Pour." White is an accessible and raw songwriter and performer. When he sings about love, you believe it. And that's how he gets away with lyrics like, "It's the right thing to do and/you know that it's inside of you/So just show it love is the truth."

As for director Nagi Noda (who was featured in Creativity's Feburary issue), her technique showing static models playing the same character in various stages of movement (which some recognize from a music video she directed for Yuki in Japan) provides visual wonder that is partnered well with the music—under White's quick "Bah bah bah bah" is one smooth camera movement that like its subject matter, goes around and comes back to the beginning.

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