PICK OF THE WEEK: Combos "Fever"

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Combos 'Fever'
Combos 'Fever'
Think about the product. Then think about what the client must be like. Then realize this is really strong work. And when I say strong, I mean strong in both the "WTF??" and in the smart senses. When I first saw the spots I recoiled, which comforted me in that I felt it was a normal human reaction. That distaste however, signals how far this campaign was pushed, and it therefore turned to respect, and ultimately, joy.

I singled out the "Fever" spot for its particularly nasty and funny turn as Mr. Mom offers Pizza Combos to his/her sick man-child who comes looking for a comforting touch and a fever check in the night.

Sure, maybe for those who are the super heavy users of Combos, this spot might either hit too close to home or be rendered wallpaper because that's just your Mom on any given day. But for the average youthful garbage gobbler, these surely strike a memorable and effective note.

The spots also earn the We Bought It stamp of approval. I will sheepishly admit that the part of me that secretly (well, I guess not so secretly) loves junk food got to hankering some Combos after watching these spots a few times. It was a hankering that was, much to my shame, satisfied.
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