PICK OF THE WEEK: Ecko "Still Free"

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Ecko - 'Still Free'
Ecko - 'Still Free'
Only the biggest of ideas could unseat the spine tinglingly excellent Wes Anderson turn for Amex for Pick of this creatively fecund Week. And that's precisely what we have with "Still Free," a video made on behalf of "fashion" brand, video game maker and all around vox urbanus Marc Ecko. This is the hotly anticipated debut from the company known as Droga5, which to some is as mysterious as the hooded figure who appears to be tagging Air Force One (yes, that's right, sneaking onto Andrews Air Force Base and tagging Air Force One) in this widely circulated and discussed viral hoax. It does not disappoint.

The video was done to back Ecko's graffiti-centered game Getting Up-Contents Under Pressure while also handily continuing Ecko's own personal crusade for freedom of expression (at least expression of the spray-painted variety). The video is posted at stillfree.com with lots of First Amendment talk from Ecko.

So with an enormous idea like this (did I mention the premise? It's tagging Air Force One) a huge weight falls on the executional details. Droga and his production partners Smuggler and director Randy Krallman come across with something so authentic that it fooled the right people, at least a little, at least for a while—actually causing the Air Force and the unit that operates Air Force One to check that the plane was unmolested, and of course ensuring enough coverage on blogs and in the mainstream news media to achieve the desired cultural splash. When your media post-analysis includes not only page views and minutes of media exposure, but number of calls from government authorities, you know you're not dicking around. The bar is set high for this new model marketing army.

Special bonus Mention of the Week

We thought we couldn't love Wes anymore than after seeing The Life Aquatic, particularly the scene where Bill Murray finds out Owen Wilson is his son and he excuses himself to walk to the bow of his ship to have a cigarette accompanied by "Life On Mars." We were wrong. Oh, and we also love American Express for paying for it.
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