PICK OF THE WEEK Egg "Experiment Begins" (With Bonus Ick of the Week)

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Egg "Experiment Begins"

Shopping guinea pigs? If you're a financial company called Egg, why the hell not? The Egg work from Mother/London has always done a great job of making a whole lot of straight-up product info palatable, nay downright memorable, with the help of skewed visual devices (past ads have featured trained goats using brainwaves to convey banking info and mechanical ear-fingers to block out bad financial news). This latest spot continues that fine tradition and takes it to a new and strangely compelling level. The directing unit of Neo does another fine job with a tricky visual challenge and throws in the perfect music to boot. Eggsellent.

Ick of the Week

Wonderbra "Wow Effect"

Yikes. Do I have something stuck to my face? An alien crawling out of my nostril? The way everyone in my general vicinity is staring at me is really freaking me out. Oh, no, whew, they're all just openly leering at my rack.

Yes, it would be great to see an interesting bra ad that doesn't just involve clinical depictions of gorgeous boobies. But, well, ewww. Here's the thing (and male creative team, surely you know this as well as anyone)—generally, it's not a huge task to drum up male interest in the female chest, whether it's big, small or in between, perky or a pencil test disaster. It usually requires getting up in the morning and leaving the house. And believe it or not, for even the vainest amongst us, open leering is often really, really far from sexy. For the average person, these executions showing people stopping what they're doing, turning around and gawking, often open mouthed, are just creepy (especially in the case of the horrible 8 year-old boy with the bowl cut shown in one of the ads. Ewwwww!), and for the person with even minor paranoia issues, they are nightmare on paper. The shame is, the web component serves up the product nicely, showcasing the heavy lifting capabilities of different bras, with dressed and undressed interpretations. But to see that you have to first get past these ads and then the web home page showing the same scenarios only with cheesy thought bubbles like "It's hot around here, or maybe it's me," and "I have to find out what her secret is."

These ads are meant to make us girls feel sexy, but the overall effect is about as sexy as being showered with declarations of love from the guy outside the subway who hits himself in the head.
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