PICK OF THE WEEK: Fluid: Battle of the Ad Bands Intro

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Fluid Battle of the Ad Bands Intro
Fluid Battle of the Ad Bands Intro
Even with points deducted for the not exactly Tide-level of difficulty in terms of the client involved, and the fact that it didn't exactly come out this week (Fluid's Battle of the Ad Bands was a little over two weeks ago) this thoroughly delectable, something-for-everyone-yet-never-bland promo/viral gets the POW nod for sheer inventiveness and compelling watchability.

Bonus print pick: Ace Group T (Language School) Pulp Fiction Yeah, the language school brief is surely another cakewalk, but take a flip through the nearest magazine or around the channels for a few minutes and see how often the seemingly easiest, most fun brief can go horribly wrong. If the ad's creators had used "I'm pretty f*cking far from OK," we would have loved it even more.
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