PICK OF THE WEEK: Ford - 'Next Generation'

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Ford - 'Next Generation'
Ford - 'Next Generation'
And so the green corporate tide washes over us, bathing us all in hope and, well, skepticism. With "Next Generation" through O&M Stockholm, Ford has stepped up with the most unequivocal and the most lovely of election day promises, employing nothing less than oddly adorable fetuses to trumpet its Flex Fuel initiatives. We can't help but question Ford's credibility, but we also can't help but admire the effort and practically swoon over the amazing rendering of the tiny, floating elephants and (twin no less!) polar bears. It's pretty brash stuff from an automaker but if nothing else this is one enviro-ad that will stand tiny heads and trunks and flippers above the rest of the corn field covered wallpaper.

And a (perhaps) unintentional bonus: pro lifers will love it!
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