PICK OF THE WEEK: Hasbro (UK) - "Mr. Patate VA"

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Hasbro (UK) - 'Mr. Patate VA'
Hasbro (UK) - 'Mr. Patate VA'
We thought we might go through this entire holiday season feeling like Mrs. Grinchknickers until this gem made us believe all over again.

With "Mr. Patate," the scamps at DDB Paris pulled off the seemingly impossible—a ridiculous and ridiculously fun and funny toy ad with enough accessible zaniness for actual children and enough weird sophistication for those in various stages of pretense at or denial of adulthood. The spot takes us inside Mr. Potato Head Inc., where "nothing is at the right place" and where company executives carry on like the overgrown, mischievous brats trapped in all of us.

Watch it again and again—to get subtle touches, like John's un-answered high five—and just to revel in the glorious potato head combination montage accompanied by the rapid fire voice-over at the end of the spot. A dead simple instant classic for a new (and newly engaged) generation of Potato Heads.
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