PICK OF THE WEEK: Hockey Canada "Hand"

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Canada Hockey 'Hand'
Canada Hockey 'Hand'
Here's a test to weed out any Canadians that may have infested your office. Show them this spot.

If they start weeping like schoolgirls, well by cracky you've got 'em! But you may catch some fans of sports and classically simple advertising in your net.

Yes, you know what the payoff gag will be pretty much from the beginning but somehow knowing that doesn't prepare you for the power of the actual payoff. Watching it a bunch of times doesn't even prepare you for it. It's a simple idea executed with a light, um, hand–just the right touch of sweetness and melancholy—by Reginald Pike's Mark Gilbert.

On that note, I'm going to dry my eyes and head down to the Garden to see the Leafs beat the Rangers.

And one last thing: Gretzky is innocent!
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