PICK OF THE WEEK: Honda - "Warm Technology"

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Honda - 'Warm Technology'
Honda - 'Warm Technology'
If you're going to spend 20 years developing a machine that's likely to eventually take over the world and render humans obsolete, it's probably a good idea if you spread a little of the warm and fuzzy around the endeavor. Honda and the always on W+K London team have done just that with "Warm Technology," the new spot plugging Honda's new lower emissions CR-V and the automaker's technology initiatives.

Asimo, Honda's own gifted robot child appears in the spot, exploring some sort of museum and showing off his advanced mobility with a lot of symbolic stair climbing. The campaign's pro-tech message, "More forwards, please," is leavened with lots of soft touches. Gorgeous director Peter Thwaites coaxes a heartwarming performance out of little Asimo, who exhibits a good measure of what appears to be curiosity and wonderment as he pokes around his strange surroundings. We could just melt when a water droplet lands on the little guy's visor /face and he shakes his head like a dog, or when he gives a lonely wave to an exhibit featuring a similarly outfitted astronaut.

It's another exquisite yet accessible depiction of Honda's big thinking.
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