PICK OF THE WEEK: Levi's - "Dangerous Liaisons"

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Levi's - 'Dangerous Liaisons'
Levi's - 'Dangerous Liaisons'
This spot reminds us that, contrary to the perception that everyone was really uptight before 1969, people through the ages have always been partial to sexual relations. Who better than Levi's to point out that horn is at least as old as the horse and buggy?

Lovely film, lots of denim, and the decades-spanning strip tease without the skin feels refreshing and right for the brand. If I'm quibbling, I'd say that I appreciated the spot too much with my head and not enough with my loins. It didn't rate high on the sexmeter but that a) could just be me having an asexual moment or b) could be intentional. In any event, a strong showing for Levi's.

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