PICK OF THE WEEK: Nike "Awake"

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Nike 'Awake'
Nike 'Awake'
Oddly enough, I first saw this spot on TV and the male person watching with me actually welled up (that means got tears in his eyes you dirty dogs).

Any athlete, athlete manqué, or just any poor schmuck who sets the alarm clock early once in a while in a vain or an earnest attempt to move about can't help but be sucked in by this spot, which speaks to the lonely magic and pain of the morning workout. As for the strange choice of music: stop thinking so literally all you complainers. What would you have scored the spots with? "Get Up?" "Morning has Broken?" It's a slow build to a big bang track that makes good good sense and the double whammy of the alarm clock trill and the "Just Do It" tag at the end makes the hairs stand up in all the right places. Is it on par with a "Move" or a "Tag?" Wrong question. Is it an eye-and-guts-grabbing, eminently watchable ad that actually does a job for the brand is a better one and my answer would be this: Jake and W+K and Nike (and Hank Corwin) strike again.
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