PICK OF THE WEEK: Sure/Rexona "Go Wild"

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Rexona 'Go Wild'
Rexona 'Go Wild'
Men really are animals in this eye-popping U.K. spot from Lowe, Noam Murro and Framestore CFC.

Following up on the all-out "Stunt City," Sure/Rexona serves up a cityscape overrun by beasts—literally this time. The spot opens with an assortment of creatures—monkeys, bison and penguins included—running wild in a football-related frenzy. A sports fan is seen in the bathroom applying the underarm spritz and transforming into a fearsome primate before swinging out his window to join his mates in the street. There, all manner of sport-loving animal is having its day-from hyenas on the tube to foosball playing grizzlies. It's a visual feast with super atomic watchability.

Indeed, the spot demands repeat viewings and many of the shots inspire real "how'd they do it" fascination. A scene near the end featuring a group of mandrills in a bar celebrating their team's goal with arm pumping and chest thumping and hugs is downright eerie. Is it a bad idea to position your target market as a bunch of animals? Nah. The lads buying this product would doubtless relish the comparison. In fact, if you've ever observed a group of a certain kind of men watching a football match, you'll be tempted to think it's the monkeys who'd feel insulted.
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