PICK OF THE WEEK: Schweppes "You Know How"

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Schweppes - 'You Know How'
Schweppes - 'You Know How'
Most any afternoon at 5. We'll be so glad we're both alive.

That aphorism for alcoholics is a line from the 1943 Spike Jones tune "Cocktails for Two" which scores this dandy new spot for Schweppes from Mother London and Stylewar (such an unashamed love letter to drinking could only come from a UK agency and a Swedish director). You may not get to start drinking at 5 exactly, but bon vivants and boozehounds of all stripes will still say Amen to this spot's joyful sentiment.

Mother has always done a bang-up job on booze detail—I still say, "I make that Pimms o'clock" when the sun is past the yardarm, and I was inspired to rekindle an old love affair with rum by the NY office's swank 10 Cane efforts—and this new spot doesn't let the team down. Not an alcohol spot, you say? Well, technically not. It is for Schweppes' cocktail-facilitating fizzy products. But the message is delightfully clear (and soon it will become delightfully blurry). Schweppes is the accoutrement for sophisticated pleasure seekers who put some flair into their drinking and for whom happy hour is a way of life.

The spot is retro stylized yet has an unusual and fresh feel to it, enough to make viewers stop and pay attention to the fast-paced jiggering, muddling, slicing and pouring pyrotechnics. As the track bubbles along, we see a series of modern drinkers engaging in high level mixology and generally having a smashing time. There's a low key fun combined with a deadly serious devotion to drinking on display here that puts your average beer and booze ad's attempt to show "people having fun" to shame. It makes me feel happy and it makes me feel like a drink. And Schweppes understands.
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