PICK OF THE WEEK: "What's Going On In SF"

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Relax. This is the goddamn advertising business, isn't it? Judging by all the funny ads we see issuing from agencies, we thought "fun" and "humor" played some kind of role in the life of this industry.

"What's going on in SF" is pick of the week, despite its not being a commercial because it embodies, in its own silly, off the cuff way, something that seems to be missing from the day to day workings of advertising. A sense of humor.

The video represents a funny and refreshingly unglued approach to an intense PR situation. With speculation whirling around the creation of a new agency involving some of the industry's most prolific creative names, what should be the correct response from the parties involved? How about something funny, unexpected, a little bit nuts.

Some have tsked tsked the little film saying that it is too self promotional (think that one through for a few seconds and your head will hurt as much as mine does) or that it will scare prospective clients away. The latter I think could be a brilliant side effect of the piece. I would assume McBride and Co. would consider themselves lucky to be spared any client troubled by the thought of his agency doing something risky and not "managed" to death.
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