PICK OF THE WEEK: Skittles "Beard"

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Skittles 'Beard'
Skittles 'Beard'
Is it funny, scary, or just plain insane? Yes.

We hate to be repetitive (actually, we secretly like being repetitive), but once again, we are forced, by a prehensile beard no less, to acknowledge the peculiar yet winning charms of the TBWA candy team. This time, the weirdness is in service of Skittles, a brand that (thanks to said candy team) now has a notable ad history, and the director is Tom Kuntz. It takes a special kind of commercial, with a special kind of casting and, well, premise, to make "Sheepboys" look tame. And this is that spot.

It's a classic bland office scenario with a spine snapping twist—a guy is in some sort of interview during which he is feeding himself and his interviewer with his pronged two foot beard. It's ridiculously funny, but there's also something oddly menacing about it. Whatever it is, it stops you dead in your tracks.

Whether it makes you laugh your ass off, recoil in horror or a bit of both, the spot, like a giant furry chin-arm, will not be ignored.
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