PICK OF THE WEEK: Skoda - 'Giggle'

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Skoda - 'Giggle'
Skoda - 'Giggle'
In a recent tale of True Life embarrassment, a friend related her first encounter with her boyfriend's parents. After a nice lunch, the group retreated to the family home, where the mother introduced the next activity, laughter yoga. While Dad grumbled off to his office, Mom led the half-hour set of exercises, focused on breathing, forced laughter and general absurdity, from inane chanting to pantomiming a conversation completely in gibberish and all manner of vocalizations and communicatory weirdness in between. Petrifying at first, of course, but before the handful of mini exercises were over, she began to warm up to the idea-the laughing made her feel better, and her anxiety faded. Dr. Seuss said nonsense "wakes up the brain cells," and as firm believers in nonsense as we are at AdCritic, we think laughter yoga, the brainchild of Dr. Madan Kataria, sounds pretty fun. What the hell does this have to do with a commercial for a Czech car called a Roomster, you ask? Well, in "Giggle" sounds of actual merriment are interspersed with factory workings. A baby coos as a press stamps along, and a young spark hums as he bounces across the shop floor. A lady camshaft holds a note while she spins and is attended by a pair of robotic arms. The machinery and parts ooh and ahh in a concert of interactions throughout the assembly process, coming to an end when the buff glove runs over the car's hood, tickling slightly. Don't get us wrong—machines as humans is a trope well trodden, but it's tough to dismiss this level of whimsy with a jaded shrug. Feeling is believing; for those inclined to crack a smile or experience a bit of mood elevation after watching "Giggle," Skoda's "Manufacturers of happy drivers" tag may be convincing.
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