PICK OF THE WEEK: Sky One "Simpsons"

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A risky proposition, carried off nicely.

Sky One 'Simpsons'
Sky One 'Simpsons'
For a certain group of people (i.e. everyone in our audience) The Simpsons is more than a beloved TV show. It's culturally and emotionally sacred ground. So attempting to bring those characters to live action life takes some courage and a deft hand on the production side.

Luckily both seemed to be on hand for the making of Sky One's widely circulated (and Groening approved) spot promoting the show. Directed by Gorgeous' Chris Palmer, the recreation of the famed opening sequence is faithful without being a cartoonish replica. Full marks for not overdoing it (live action Flintstones springs to mind as a cautionary tale).

Most of the details are covered, from Bart's blackboard penance to the cameos by live action supporting charaters like Mo, Barney, Bleeding Gums Murphy and Chief Wiggum (but where was the couch gag?). It's one of those I-can't-believe-nobody's-done-this-before ideas. Well, now they have. And well.
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