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Old Spice - 'Painted Experience'
Old Spice - 'Painted Experience'
When you're trying to persuade younger men to buy into a brand that comes laden with the kind of mental associations that Old Spice does, a brand whose very name sums up its fatal flaw, your options include:
Throw some tits at the problem. It seems to work for a lot of other brands.
Embrace the Daddy-ness and go for some sort of "I'm proud to be a man" sort of thing. Lord knows we haven't seen enough of that.
Try to make it ironically cool. This route is wrought with peril and not for the novice.

Here, Wieden has created some sort of weird hybrid—combining numbers two and three with the implication of number one and coming up with something that feels, well, not quite fresh. Perhaps intriguing is a better description. The end result is pleasingly kooky in a subdued, not trying too hard way, it narrowly misses being another macho "respect the cock" eye roller and it acknowledges and empowers the "old" element by exploiting the undeniably appealing idea of experience.

In the spot, Old Spice brand cues—the ridiculously nautical room with its over abundance of maritime artifacts, the Flintstone-ish never ending ships painting in the background—are played up to comic effect.

The "it" discussed in the dialog hints at the Axe-ish underpinnings of the experience theme (as does the female genitalia-evoking chair. Or am I reading too much into it here?).

The web component take the experience idea further with a genuinely engaging manhood test. It's not groundbreaking, but it conveys the man point without the drooling and burping—less Axe and more Miller High Life.

All in all, not too bad for old Old Spice.
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