PICK OF THE WEEK: Tractor Supply Company "Koi Pond"

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TSC 'Koi Pond'
TSC 'Koi Pond'
The world's most famous brand just launched a new campaign, so, naturally our pick of the week is Tractor Supply Company's "Koi Pond."

The team at Carmichael Lynch seems to have a knack for getting the most for the least (the shop's recent Porsche films were done on a shoestring). Here, the agency creates a personality for the Tractor Supply Company of all things, with some extremely lo fi mixed media spots that are at once down home and east coast ironic. Granted, TSC is actually a pretty interesting operation, but still, it's the Tractor Supply Company, so points for difficulty are in order here.

In "Koi Pond," and the rest of the campaign, an assortment of regular rural folk (regular except they are static, animated figures) enjoy the outdoors and gab about outdoor things like grass and bunnies. Sort of like Miller High Life for the farm set, the spots will likely appeal more to urbanites with rural aspirations (or illusions), which seems like a big plus for TSC.

Oh, and a bonus catch phrase ("Sweet Fancy Moses") that continues the tradition set by Snickers ("Great Googily Moogily!") and TiVo ("Boy Howdy!") never hurts.
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