PICK OF THE WEEK: Uniqlo web site

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We didn't think the Japanese clothier's newly launched SoHo shop could possibly be any more of a magnet for consumption crazed New Yorkers. The much hyped store, already a point of interest for the design curious and the general shopping public alike, stoked interest with some cool marketing plays - like dropping a series of container store-ettes on the streets of New York leading up to the main store launch. But this absorbing web site is the icing on the colorful and low-priced cake. It's another richly detailed but easy to enjoy web playland from flash pioneer Yugo Nakamura and features hundreds of great looking entry points to Uniqlo merchandise. In addition to a home page anchored by great photos of characters ranging from Kim Gordon to a stuffed zebra, a nifty, zoomable catalog and endless index of looks, the site features the excellent Uniqlo Explorer, which is based on the mosaic premise-mousing over a panel gives you a quick look at one of thousands of items; a click provides a close-up and another click sends you to another mosaic featuring more items. The site provides just about enough enticement (and leaves enough information out: no online shopping yet) to make us want to go into the heart of SoHo on a Saturday.
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