PICK OF THE WEEK: Volkswagen "Touran"

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Volkswagen - 'Touran'
Volkswagen - 'Touran'
Marketing minivans to male buyers is a conceit as old as the vehicle itself, but as new young dads enter the picture it's important to keep the executions fresh, and that's exactly why Volkswagen's "Touran" spot is our pick this week.

The camera moves on a rollercoaster ride starting with the pleasures of youthful manhood, namely the strip club, before moving through a wedding, up the cake, and down the first drop into a familiar terror zone, assailed on the left and right by crying babies on parallel tracks, a dunk into a child's bowl of tomato soup and finally into a room full of disarming playthings before bursting into the meadow where the Touran shimmers, a salvation.

The depiction of all the children in the spot makes them out to be Chucky-ish monstrosities capable of inflicting pain and fear, but I'm not sure I can, on authority, confirm or deny the representation. Agence V and RSA/Little Minx's H5 score here with an entertaining romp through metaphorical life situations that's entertaining and well-composed. As boring as the Touran may be in reality, it'll always be reassuring to think of it as a sturdy container for your malevolent spawn.
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