PICK OF THE WEEK: Zoo - "10K Blowout"

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Zoo - 'The Making Of'
Zoo - 'The Making Of'
OK, already. We get it. Budgets are getting smaller. But take a cue from Mother/London next time you're looking at a Triscuit-thin bottom line. Faced with little money, rather than whinging about it, Mother took a pair of ordinary dudes, gave them a few bundles of cash, cooked up some zany ways for them to blow it and sat back to capture the action—while the two exuded the enthusiasm natural to lads wasting money like rappers.

If there's any group that doesn't need to be told this it's y'all—spending other people's money on larks and immaturity is really fun. Embracing that idea is both on-target (Do you know any male under 30 who wouldn't long to do the exact same thing with their bosses' money?) and, more importantly, forward thinking. In addition to making a lot out of a little (never mind there were only six :20 spots-extra stuff made its way, uncensored, to zootube.co.uk) Mother continues rolling along with the same sort of ad verite it showed earlier this year with Orange's "Animals." The Zoo spots were nearly unscripted, and undertaken with a start-rolling-and-let's-see-what happens attitude, probably testing director James Rouse's patience, but, eventually, producing genuine and lively footage. The online portion, though simple, is integral to the success of the effort. Looking at boobs on the Internet ranks high among potential Zoo customers' web habits, I'd imagine, but there's got to be a measure of loyalty attributed to the bringer of said breasts, and that's where Zoo, bestower of the Interactive Bouncy Castle, wins big. Read more about the Zoo campaign in News.
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