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Sheila MacKeigan, 35, joined the Motley Fool, the 5-year-old Alexandria, Va.-based online investment advice site in 1996, working in ad sales after stints at Turner Broadcasting Co.'s Cartoon Network and Leo Burnett Co., Chicago. She oversees online sponsorships, promotions and an inaugural advertising campaign breaking this fall, as the company expands into traditional media including books, magazines, newspapers and radio.

Mission: Making investment information fun, useful and entertaining vs. the typical dark, dry, serious approach to finances.

Challenge: Explaining who we are to mainstream audiences. Some people don't know our site (www.fool.com) isn't for actual trading.

Forecast: The Internet is powerful, but it's not a substitute for traditional media yet.

Tip: Realize brands are alive. Constantly explore, redefine and take a fresh look at your brand through the consumer's perspective.

Opinion: When people feel a sense of ownership in a company, productivity surges.

Quirk: Skepticism about advertising. We got this far without it, so we were

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