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Tom Baer, 41, came to Draft Worldwide, Chicago, in August as senior VP-entertainment marketing to launch an entertainment group from scratch after serving in a similar position at Frankel since 1991.

Insight: Entertainment is the bridge between popular culture and promotions, and a growing number of marketers are figuring out how to make the connection click.

Opinion: Agencies have been slow to realize the power of linking with Hollywood. Make a commitment to entertainment marketing and business will mushroom. Marketers are waiting for agencies to lead the way.

Trend: Deeper partnerships with film studios, resulting in seamless promotions that appear to spring directly from movies. Promotions beginning before a film's release and lasting beyond the video release, with variations reaching diverse targets within the general audience.

Myth: Consumers are fed up with movie promotions. The fact is consumers love good film tie-ins that capitalize and build on their interests.

Insight: Agencies with relationships in Hollywood have a significant edge, but great ideas are still the breakthrough tool. You can't have a great promotion

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