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From the unlikely wilds of Bozell/Omaha comes what is surely one of the cheapest and clutter-bustingest campaigns of the year, for a local sand volleyball complex called the Ranch Bowl. Created by art directors David Steinke and Mitch Markussen and copywriter Robin Leahy, and themed "Live nude feet" (flashed in tacky marquee bulbs), three feet-only :30s were produced for under $300 as part of Bozell's After Hours program -- where "they give us free reign," says Leahy. The accent is clearly on free -- the spots were shot by the creatives in Leahy's parents' basement with their Super 8, and the editor was paid in part with "a bottle of wine and a gift certificate for dinner," she notes. One spot features post-coital feet sharing a cigarette; another has a stripper getting dollar bills stuck between her toes; and the funniest spot is a parody of the notorious Calvin Klein "kiddie porn" campaign (pictured), here featuring a shy, nervous teenage foot as it's interviewed by an offscreen director. "I bet those toes are real, aren't they?" says the leering director. "People say you can't tell, but I always can."
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