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Nastiest attack ad of them all? As the Convention begins, Republicans will reveal Kerry never even got to Vietnam! Spent the war in the Texas Air National Guard.

Through July, Scientific American ad pages were 54% ahead of 2003. An anomaly, of course, with a big insert they hadn't had the year before, but Publisher Bruce Brandfon tells me they'll still be up about 25% at the end of this generally depressed advertising year. Besides that, says CEO Gretchen Teichgraeber, the old monthly (founded in 1845) now ranks No.1 in reading time (75 minutes) of all major mags (The Atlantic is at 68, she says). Circulation? It's more than 687,000 worldwide and sells 153,000 at newsstands. Net average subscription price per issue also tops the quality books at $2.37. Bruce says, "Our readers are people who realize the inter-relationship between science and technology, and economics, finance, power." Which may be why MRI rates it "eighth favorite" and Erdos & Morgan says it's third "most credible" of magazines. "Think of it this way," says Gretchen, "university grads who studied the humanities read The New Yorker; graduates who studied sciences read us." Oh, yeah, their issue on "time" was a National Magazine Award winner.

I have no desire to watch Mrs. Gotti raise her kids on TV.

Cosmo has a 13th issue, Cosmopolitan Style, on stands through October, with a 1.5 million rate base. Kate White and Donna Kalajian Lagani are the resident geniuses.

Sandy Golinkin reports Lucky's circulation has been around a million since April and the rate base will be officially raised in January. Through September, she says the ad page count is 1,177 versus the same period last year, a 12.5% increase. The September issue with 256 ad pages was 31% ahead.

Gregg Hano of Popular Science says the mag is running almost 18% ahead in ad pages through June. The September single topic issue, "Future of the Car," will be their biggest issue ever.

Along those lines, Pam Fiori's "updated" Town & Country (recently lauded by The Wall Street Journal) through August is ahead nearly 24%. Publisher Jim Taylor says if the fourth quarter holds, this will be its best year ever.

If McGreevey was hitting on the guy night and day for three years, did it ever occur to the "victim" to quit?

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