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A vintage power lunch at the Four Seasons in Manhattan, Dr. K. to the right, Bubbles Sills to the left, Steve Florio ensconced at a superior banquette, and Knight Kiplinger (the family name takes a hard "g") at my side, having flown up that morning from D.C. to tell me all about his "tiny company" with its 180 employes. "Our competitors are run by multi-media-billionaires and we are very small indeed." But they're doing nicely, with ad pages through October of this year up 20% over what he called an "OK" year in `03 and a few truly dreadful years before that. New publisher Bob Kelly is credited for much of that. Circulation had been at a million but they are purposely downsizing to 800,000 or so ("we're cutting our rates but not as deeply as we're cutting circ"). Being editorial-oriented, he's preening over the recent capture of Washington Post investment columnist Jim Glassman. Knight is himself an interesting cat, having worked in newspaper edit jobs for 15 years before returning to help run the family biz. He and his wife met at choir practice and he was planning to catch choral group rehearsal that Monday evening if the shuttle co- operated. "I have my day job and then I go and sing Bach."

At the Emmy Awards Star Jones of "The View" gave us a novel approach to interviewing nominees on the red carpet for E! Entertainment. "How do you think I look? Do you like my dress? See my engagement ring?"

Hearst Mags' biggie Michael Clinton, who gets around, is publishing his latest book, "Wanderlust," about his travels to 100 countries. The boss, Cathleen Black, hosts a book party Oct. 11 at her Park Ave. apartment.

Paper City, a monthly with editions in Houston, Dallas and San Francisco, expanded last month into Atlanta.

Now there's a mag for dogs, The New York Dog just launched, edited by Leslie Padgett. Naturally, there was a launch party. Cindy Adams of the N.Y. Post, a notorious dog lover, presided.

George Haber writes to protest my using in a recent column the words, "My hairdresser..." it being against several statutes for anyone from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, to have a "hairdresser." Point well taken.

Straw poll? Monogram Shop in East Hampton says on the basis of sales of beach/pool drinking cups, the Bush/Cheney cup trails the Kerry/Edwards cup 1,093 to 2,119.

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