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Latest fair-haired kids at Time Inc. are Publisher Stephen Bohlinger and Editor Eleanor Griffin of Southern Progress Corp.'s Cottage Living. First conceived three years ago, green-lighted by Ann Moore and launched September/October, with a third issue now on sale, the little book that could is already delivering 800,000 copies, moving to nine times this year, and setting a first year goal of 500 ad pages at a $40,500 open rate page. Eleanor was up from Birmingham and she and Steve bought me a power lunch at the Four Seasons. "Our five-year plan is a circ of 1.2 million," said Bohlinger, who spent the last 12 years at Cooking Light and is now in his first publisher's job. Eleanor says you "can be in a cottage in Malibu or a mansion at Newport" and be a "cottage" dweller. "We realized early that the word `cottage' ... did very well. ...We found if you asked 20 different people you got 20 definitions of `cottage.' But the word has very positive connotations." And selling it is Bohlinger, a positive sort, father of three from Westfield, N.J., who's run the New York marathon and recently climbed Mount Rainer. "Comfort, simplicity, style" are the key words for Eleanor, who says, "Cottage Living is very informal. No standing behind velvet ropes. Our photos, too. If the waffle batter is flowing down the bowl, we show it." Steve adds, "California, Illinois and New York, in that order, are our largest markets. At the National Home Building Show, women told me: `This is my home; this is how I live."'

Parade and American Heart Association are partnering on heart health this year, designated the "year of the heart." First cover story ran Feb. 6.

ABC a bit slow on doing something about Star Jones' egregious on-air plugs for brands which sends her gifts and free services? The network's "shocked, shocked" to learn "The View" panelist is taking freebies. It's only been chronicled on Page Six for a year.

Tom Florio reports the year is starting off strongly for Vogue. The March issue with 457 ad pages is their largest March ever. "Like September, March is the fashion Super Bowl in our category," says the publisher.

Sandow Media Corp. in Boca Raton, Fla., put out a premiere issue (with a special N.Y. edition) of New Beauty, all about "cosmetic enhancement," which I assume means nips & tucks. Damned thing is full of doctor and spa ads and weighs a ton.

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