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A dazzling, if somewhat confusing lunch at Lever House with Traver (a family name) Hutchins, founder of MediZine, described as "a leading marketer of consumer health properties." They publish 10-year-old Remedy (he launched it in '95 with dough from selling his car.) A lanky, smooth-talking young Midwesterner who took six years to work his way through the U. of Minnesota (history major) because he was chauffeuring the entertainer known as Prince (and his bodyguard), Traver stresses they're not publishers but marketers. He's a salesman who sells ad space but thinks PR, and not advertising, is more effective in selling his own product, and got into the biz selling space for Working Woman. His onetime boss, Dale Lang, now 72 and still driving race cars, is chairman of Hutchins' firm and Peter Diamandis, among others, is on the board. Traver throws out so many ideas and talks so fast I called Diamandis in Fla. "Is this guy a snake oil salesman or a genius?" Said Petey, "He founded the thing on his own and from nothing, and is in the office 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. The medical and pharmaceutical people he deals with love him. He's not a phony, and I think he's going places."

Top NY PR guy Dan Klores and his directing pard Ron Berger, the ad agency man, enjoyed a great Sundance, selling their new documentary to USA Network. This one's the brilliant "Ring of Fire: The Emile Griffith Story, " screened for a bunch of us before the boys flew west. It's about Griffith's 1962 Madison Square Garden champion- ship fight with Benny "Kid" Paret. "Kid" had taunted Emile, a former hat designer, about rumors he was gay, and was killed in the ring when ref Ruby Goldstein was slow to stop the mayhem and Emile just kept punching.

Inspired creative on the Super Bowl. I counted four separate chimpanzee commercials.

Pete Michalsky says Bauer Publishing titles in competitive fields, for example, In Touch, First For Women, will now be measured and the data made available through PIB, starting this month.

Bill Keating moves from Teen People to Golf as account manager. Stout fellow; don't know his handicap.

Conde Nast Traveler Publisher Lisa Henriques Hughes (Conde's publisher of the year) closed '04 up 114 ad pages or 11%. Trip of her choosing? Antarctica, since she's been to the other six continents, and even though, "Antarctica doesn't have an advertising budget."

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