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Jennifer Deans, publisher of Health (Time Inc.'s Southern Progress division) stands only 5 feet 3. And when we lunched the other day at the Four Seasons she said, "When you're my height and you go into a meeting, you better say something smart in the first three minutes." Ms. Deans, married to a lawyer and mother of kids 8 and 4, was promoted to publisher in August of '03 and has just presided over a May issue remake that resulted in an increase in ad pages from 110 last year to 123 this time, "the biggest issue ever in our 16 years." She got into the biz on the agency side in strategic planning at Saatchi when it was young ("Charles and Maurice were running around"), but shifted into publishing on the sales team at Family Fun. "I loved it from the start and wondered why I hadn't done it sooner. Then I went to Country Living and finally to Health as associate publisher." As for the remake (by Hot Springs in Manhattan), Jennifer said, "Time Inc. OK'ed the big investment involved in the remake and in promoting the color-coded reorganization of the book and its new design. We promoted through Ad Age and in our own magazines, InStyle, Essence, Sunset and even People ran an ad, but no radio or TV. Our new tag line is "Looks good on you," and I hope (readers) say, `This is a magazine I want to read,' and not `This is a magazine I ought to read.' The current rate base is 1.35 million and it's gone up exponentially. I think, going slowly, we can get to 1.8, l.9, maybe even 2 million. Newsstand accounts for about 9%. We're 10 times now but in the not too distant future, we might go to 11 times. The editor is Doug Crichton (who was down with back surgery as we spoke, but "just for a week or so"). Says Jennifer, "Women complain they're getting too much info, like the crawl at the bottom of the "Today Show," but when it comes to health, they can't get enough. We're all time-pressed. But we want to know about sunscreen, about more sleep, should I drink more water? My own trigger was pregnancy."

Tommy Hilfiger next month launches his new fragrance, True Star Men.

Child mag named Marcia Kline its new publisher. She's a mom who had handled lifestyle advertising for Conde Nast Traveler.

Oh, to have been a fly on the wall when New York magazine Editor Adam Moss sacked critic John Simon the other day after more than 37 years. Mr. Simon worked for me during my brief tour as the weekly's editor and I can testify that along with his superb writing and intellectual brilliance, he frequently erupted in magnificent temper tantrums. Bush's pugnacious U.N. nominee John Bolton isn't in a league with Mr. Simon. Few are.

Taps for Col. David Hackworth, who joined the Army at 15, fought several wars and later wrote about military matters for Playboy and, I believe, Newsweek, before dying early this month. The New York Times obit said Hack commanded a "regiment" in Korea (when he was about 21 years old), later corrected "regiment" to "a platoon." But the way old Hack embroidered his war stories, does it matter? Good man.

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