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Just back from Europe, the "stop press" news: Was BBC (familiarly, "the Beeb") on an anti-US campaign of gloating over hurricanes and New Orleans' woes? That's what Rupert Murdoch, Bill Clinton and others were being quoted as saying by U.K. media. Tony Blair supposedly told Rupert he was irate and was going to crack down. BBC defenders riposted, "CNN was much tougher on Bush than the Beeb." Reading the papers, watching TV and with pals in Paris and London, I didn't denote much gloating, only astonishment over our bumbling response to disaster. The Europeans don't love us but they used to marvel at our swift, efficient wielding of power. Last month a grudging admiration for the America, which twice saved them, had given way to derisive snickers.

London's Telegraph blasted Paul McCartney for "sponsor-speak" on his concert tour, comparing Lexus with himself for sharing "the same philosophy and approach to the best work possible."

London's Times did a two-page expose suggesting Sherlock Holmes' creator, Conan Doyle, plagiarized "Hound of the Baskervilles" from Daily Express Editor Fletcher Robinson and may have bumped Fletcher off, "with a massive dose of laudanum," in 1907. Fleet Street strikes again!

Marie Claire (Hearst) is about to unveil a "new look." Editor Lesley Jane Seymour and Publisher Susan Plagemann celebrate the remake Oct. 24.

Want to weekend in Times Square? Gourmet hosts "an epicurean adventure" at Conde Nast HQ Friday Oct. 21-Oct. 23. Seminars, demos, tastings, oh my!

Sue Gilman was named publisher of the newly formed travel group of magazines put out by World Publications.

Lovely piece in the Atlantic by Wayne Curtis, "The Old Man and the Daiquiri," scavenging Hemingway's "old" Havana in search of the best versions of the drink (Curtis vetoes the "sherbet Daiquiri").

Makes you wonder. WCBS-AM radio in New York bills itself as "all-news." But it also broadcasts Yankee games. So when the Yanks played on Primary Day you had to go to the Web site to get voting results ... nothing on "all-news" radio.

Jay Goldberg, who made his bones at Men's Fitness, becomes publishing director for Mansueto Ventures, which recently acquired Inc. and Fast Company magazines.

Jim Sammartino reports in from Guideposts (ABC circ 2.6 million paid) that October is "our largest issue to date," and up 45% in ad pages over 2004. He credits gains to "new package-goods business."

I didn't make the Beverly Hilton party but Premiere mag's annual Women in Hollywood cited Rachel Weisz, Laura Linney, Charlize Theron, Sophie de Rakoff and all-time fave Shirley MacLaine.

Whenever I travel I take something to read. This time, the Sept. 19 New Yorker with its cover art of Bush et al in a flooded Oval Office. During two weeks away I read every word including the ads, starting with the New Orleans stuff, David Grann's extraordinary dispatch from the Amazon and a John Lahr profile of Harold Arlen. Remnick, you are a genius.

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