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Well, said Details Editor Daniel Peres, "it was quite a week." His Fairchild magazine's newest publisher, Paul Jowdy, had taken office the day before we lunched, the parent company had announced a reorganization, something Dan characterized as "mostly back office," not impacting his magazine, and a sibling publication, Vitals, had been put to sleep about the time Men's Vogue got greenlighted. "Vitals," he said, "confused everyone. No one knew if it was a men's magazine or a women's." No confusion at Details. Peres and then publisher, Bill Wackermann, now at Glamour, relaunched the downtown mag James Truman once edited five years ago. The reconfigured men's mag had its rate base cut in half (to 400,000), and it's been going strong ever since. "We'll run about 1,000 ad pages in 2005 and we made a profit last year for the first time," said Dan. But why was Details resuscitated? "It was Maxim that made everyone rethink men's magazines. Suddenly, people said, hey, there's a market out there." Peres was in his third year as Fairchild's European editor, living in Paris, when Patrick McCarthy phoned, "Come on back to New York to talk." The Details editorship was offered. "I was stunned. I'd never managed anything, never been an editor." He turned out to be a natural. "We're not buying circulation. 400,000 is about where we should be, keeping the right audience. I like the 10X frequency. Why put out a January and July issue that loses money? We hate clutter and we aren't afraid of white space. And a story doesn't have to be long to be great." The newly wed Peres seems to know the difference between men's and women's advertising potential: women buy new clothes every season; men buy a suit (on average) every four years.

Lesley Jane Seymour and Susan Plagemann host an Oct. 24 cocktail unveiling Marie Claire magazine's new look. Their photographers will be featured at the bash, at Home on West 27th St.

Dick Barthelmes, former publisher of Gourmet, sends along a Cuisinart ad from the Sept. 25 Style section of the Times. The art shows a blender, the headline reads, "will work for food." Says Barthelmes: "A satire of the poor. Pretty weak for an ad strategy."

Playboy throws a party tonight in N.Y. at Frederick's on West 58th St. just off Fifth Ave. with Christie Hefner hosting and Hef himself as "special guest." There are rumors some honeys will be on hand.

Jennifer Deans of Health mag says they're holding two "races for women" earlier this month in N.Y. and L.A., then on Oct. 25th Health hosts their seventh annual Beauty Awards at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

American Heritage unveils its "newly revamped, better than ever" look Oct. 19 at the Forbes Magazine Galleries on 5th Ave. Tim Forbes is a host.

Hearst Magazines' No. 2, Michael Clinton, shows off his "global snaps" at the International Center of Photography in Manhattan Oct. 25.

NBC News' Andrea Mitchell is the Oct. 27 "Breakfast at 21" speaker, eight A.M sharp!

This Fall the Center for Communication celebrates 25 years since Dr. Frank Stanton of CBS got it started.

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