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The newest girl in town is Pilar Guzman, editor of Fairchild's Cookie, and among other things, the daughter of singer and onetime movie star Anna Maria Alberghetti. Pilar's fat and sassy Cookie was launched earlier this month with 276 total pages (92 ad pages) to favorable reviews (a rave from the New York Post and a slightly more restrained Times). Pilar, Time Inc.-trained at Real Simple, and Publisher Eva Dillon (she formerly ran Jane and was associate publisher of Glamour), filled me in. They put out 50,000 copies on newsstands at a $3.50 cover price, have a rate base of 300,000 (eventually going to 700,000, Eva hopes, "in our five-year plan"), and will be six times this first year going monthly in January of '07. The audience is women 25-44, with incomes of $75K, "educated and discerning. Parenting is a real job but our reader can stay at home or be a working mother," says Eva. "It's catering to a mom with a sophisticated lifestyle," while Pilar says, "We're artfully curating a lifestyle. Our premise is permitting moms to live well and be a well-rounded person and to take with a grain of salt that overwhelming torrent of information [about parenting]. There's so much advice some parents aren't able to trust their instincts. Cookie isn't Pollyanna; it's realistic. I know. I just got off a plane from Chicago with my 2-year-old and he was a holy terror." How did Fairchild choose them to launch the book? "They called me re: a job on Elegant Bride when I was 8 1/2 months pregnant," said Pilar, "and I said, no, you don't want me right now. But keep me in mind." Eva first met Fairchild boss Mary Berner working for TV Guide. She's married, no kids, "but 11 nieces and nephews, my role being to spoil them." Pilar lives in Brooklyn with a former magazine publisher now in the furniture biz ("we got married in the showroom"). Cookie's March issue closes Dec. 15, and Eva says, "the ads are coming in great and our subs are well ahead of what we expected."

Tomorrow evening at the Hilton New York Meredith Corp.'s Jack Griffin will be honored by the American Jewish Committee for his work and community service. Chairs are Bill Kerr of Meredith and Walter Anderson of Parade, while MPA President Jack Kliger of Hachette and hunger-battler Bill Shore are the speakers.

Travel & Leisure Golf ups the frequency from six to seven issues next year. And T&L itself promoted Lewis Newmark to N.Y. ad director.

While Golf mag has released in retail stores a new boxed set of instructional DVDs for a suggested 50 bucks. The set includes 50 lessons from 18 of the mag's "top 100 teachers."

Tonight Time Inc. salutes departing Editor in Chief Norm Pearlstine and officially announces John Huey as the new boss. Cocktails at the Time Warner Center.

And if you dig showbiz, grab Time's film critic Richard Schickel's new Elia Kazan bio from HarperCollins. It's all in there, Broadway, Hollywood, Brando, Tennessee Williams, L.B. Mayer, girls, the Actors Studio, Commies, the blacklist, and it's a terrific read.

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