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When 66-year-old Glamour magazine, one of the Conde Nast jewels, "went on hiatus" a while back, they named a fresh new editor, Cindi Leive, followed 18 months later by a young new publisher, Bill Wackermann (the "hiatus" crack is his). Since then, Glamour won a National Magazine Award for general excellence, beating out heavyweights Newsweek, Sports Illustrated and National Geographic; stabilized its circ at 2.2 million while delivering a healthy bonus; turned the ad-sales picture around; and Ms. Leive had a second child, Ike. We had lunch at Michael's to analyze what happened. Said tieless Bill, "We were 100 ad pages ahead in 2004 over '03, and we're up another 8% this year, and No. 5 on the Ad Age A List (AA, Oct. 23). Ads are up in every category, fashion/beauty, automotive, technology, liquor. We joke about our goal being `total world domination.' So if you have perspective, we have a lot of work to do. But style and substance, the soul of the magazine, the quality of writing, we take that to the market, and the market likes what it sees. It's very cheering to us." Says Ms. Leive (rhymes with "Chevy to the levee"), "Our Glamour girl is 18 to 40, sexy but not predatory, and there's a new survey that says for the first time, single women under 30 make more money than single men the same age." What else? "I'm proud of our serious writing, our tech edit, our celebrity covers, though we aren't a celeb magazine. Jessica Simpson was our best seller this year, followed by Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Connelly. Catherine Zeta-Jones is on the next issue." Bill doesn't see Cosmo as their direct competition. "It's more likely InStyle." Speaking of Cosmo, do Cindi and Kate White purr or snarl? "We were on a panel recently and we get along fine. In fact, everyone else was crying gloom and doom but not Kate and me. Not us!" Cindi's working on a non-fiction book, sees to it Glam editors hit the big talk shows almost daily, but except for specials, doesn't see a Glamour TV series in the works. She wants to extend the brand, not dilute it.

Today Time holds its panel discussion on 2005's "Person of the Year," with M.E. Jim Kelly presiding. I suspect it won't be ol' Scooter.

Child mag handed out its annual "Children's Champion Awards" last Wednesday at Manhattan's Harmonie Club. Linda Ellerbee, Marlo Thomas, Joe Torre among the winners.

Food & Wine Publisher Julie McGowan marks 10 years at American Express Publishing. She claims she's topped Gourmet and Bon Appetit in ad pages and November and December are its highest revenue issues ever.

If you're a theater buff, here's a "must": Steven Suskin's "Second Act Trouble," a book about "Broadway's big musical bombs." Published by Applause Books. Pub date is January but maybe you can get an early copy for Christmas.

HGTV airs "A White House Christmas" on Dec. 7. Joan Steffend hosts the one-hour special and Laura Bush appears.

William Morrow publishes "Intoxicated," a period novel by John Barlow set in the ad biz, all about introduction of "the world's first soda pop" during the Temperance Era. Pub date Feb. 7.

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