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If you read Business Week you saw that 44-page feature on golf in the Nov. 19 issue. It's a joint venture between McGraw-Hill Cos.' BW and Advance Publications' Golf Digest called Golf & the Business Life being launched with winter coming on and magazine ad sales lousy. And with BW cutting edit jobs, dropping a small biz mag and making online cuts, why in the name of God and the Continental Congress is Bill Kupper, BW prez & publisher, doing this? The new collaboration with category gorilla Golf Digest isn't about improving your swing or Sergio Garcia's putting tips, said the canny Bill over lunch at Manhattan's Sea Grill. It's an all-business financial guide to finding and buying golf homes, investing in golf property, the best places for business golf, where to hold corporate events, business golf dos and don'ts. They'll put out two issues next year and see how it goes from there. With a total of 750,000 classily demographic subscribers to the two mags, it's a natural for advertisers, Bill thinks. In the first 44-pager, they limited ads to 12 pages, all new biz, not just shifted from BW and GD.

This is terribly shallow of me, but doesn't the reputed lifestyle of ousted Ziff Davis CEO Jim Dunning hold some appeal? During office hours he's accused of taking golf lessons, puffing cigars on the verandah, pursuing hobbies, hiring his girlfriend, spending work time on college alum affairs and his son's private school. No grind he!

Read Dick Reeves' "President Nixon," the devastating Simon & Schuster portrait of the oddball loner in the White House. And if you're a Nixon rooter who regards newsmen like Reeves skeptically, go back and read Bob Haldeman's own book about his boss for corroboration. Example, the weekend (early in the first term long before Watergate) when Nixon called Haldeman in and ordered the White House tennis court paved over so that when tennis-loving staffers returned Monday, it'd be gone. Nixon hated tennis, hated the idea aides might actually be having fun.

Briton Liz Nice left the U.K.'s Bliss magazine to become editor in chief here of Twist, the Bauer Publishing teen mag.

Weather Channel's new senior VP-distribution is Susan Scott.

American Banker Publisher Eleanor Dixson-Hobbs says its "banker of the year" award will be presented Dec. 5 at a black-tie dinner at the Palace Hotel in Manhattan.

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