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Pappy Boyington, where are you now that we need you? Dropping bombs from 30,000 feet is pretty safe. But it ain't close air support for the infantry, whether Marines or our gallant Northern Alliance chaps. Pappy and the Corsairs did their best (or worst) at treetop level. If they didn't come home with palm fronds on the wings, no beer that night in the officers' mess.

Today is Guy Fawkes Day, commemorating the Catholic "Gunpowder Plot" to blow up Parliament. To this day British moppets recall that glorious moment by capering about in a sort of Halloween costume and begging, "A penny for the Guy!" And Fawkes himself? I believe the chap was hanged, drawn and quartered.

Beg, borrow or steal Joe Nocera's delicious pan in The New York Times Book Review (Oct. 14) of Jack Welch's apparently unreadable best-seller. Yes, yes, I know Mr. Welch is a genius and was paid millions for his story (the publisher even hired Business Week senior writer John A. Byrne to put it into English), but what an embarrassment. Soul-less boilerplate, says Nocera. One passage: "He is a great CEO who plainly likes to be told how great he is ... cares too much about his press clips ... views the perks ... jet-setting, the hobnobbing with the rich and famous, ... the golf ... the money ... as nothing less than his just due." The really nifty thing about Nocera's dismissal of Welch's memoir: it is published by Warner Business Books; and Nocera is executive editor of Fortune, a more famous AOL Time Warner property, and a great one.

Vintage season for top children's photographer Jade Albert who did the pix for Cindy Crawford's new book "About Face" from HarperCollins, all about Cindy's son Presley and other cute kids. Jade did the entire bank of FAO Schwarz display windows for Hasbro Toys, reproduced in page ads in People and The New York Times.

Nov. 9 is New York Magazine Day, and at the Grand Hyatt Hotel adjacent to Grand Central, Don Logan of Time Inc. is luncheon keynote speaker. Scott Donaton of Ad Age moderates panels starring mag biggies David Remnick, Mark Whitaker, Michael Brownstein, Steve Giannetti, Betsy Carter, Chris Meigher plus ad agency media whizzes and retailers.

In mid-January, just before the Super Bowl, Hollywood will release "Monday Night Mayhem," with the wonderful John Turturro as Cosell.

Anyone else find it off-putting with the nation at war to have Clinton doing the cheerleading?

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