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Glamour has long been and continues to be the biggest revenue spinner in the Conde Nast Publications stable and the other day I lunched at Michael's with the two women who run it: Suzanne Grimes, bronzed and blonde and publisher since April, and dark, diminutive new Editor Cynthia Leive, whose November issue will be her first. Cindy, who pronounces her last name as in "Drove my Chevy to the levee ..." says she'll play off Glamour's solid foundations but with a new look and a surprise covergirl. Her idea is to run roughly half the covers with models, half with celebs. Ms. Grimes says ad pages through September will be off 6% but that the magazine's big category, beauty, shows sales up 9% through September. She expects business to continue soft and doesn't expect a surge until second quarter of 2001. On Ms. Leive's November sked, her first N.Y. marathon. "I've run a couple of half-marathons and think I'm ready for the real thing," she says.

Space cadets: where does WCBS-AM in N.Y. find them? Sportscaster Scott Sanford on Aug. 6 reported a Mets loss, the game blown by pitcher Rick Reed. Except that Reed had been traded the previous month and the Aug. 5 game was lost by Rick White. After several sportscasts someone got to Scott with a correction. As the connoisseur said of the wine amateur, "He doesn't know his whites from his reeds."

Marc Malkin is the latest Intelligencer columnist for New York. And good luck to him from the lad who started the column for Felker in 1973.

This Old House mag promoted Richard Berenson to publisher. He's 35, not so old.

National Geographic Adventure ups frequency from 6 to 10 times and raises the rate base to 400,000, says Publisher Chris Sachs.

In September The New York Times marks its 150th anniversary. Enormous doings anticipated.

Newsday stoking up a circulation drive in Manhattan? Free copy at my apartment doorstep the other day.

Parade is sending out its latest Yankelovich/Harris Interactive survey trumpeting a "Sunday state of mind" on the part of consumers. Says Jack Griffin, that's the one day people are most likely to think about buying stuff. Separately, new senior VP-director of newspaper relations is Howard Hoffman.

Re Andre Leon Talley's alleged farewell note to Tina Brown, "you are tacky, tacky, tacky, dowdy, dowdy, dowdy." Just who is going to hire Andre Leon the next time?

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