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She was a class act. But with Kay Graham it was no act.

Re: this splendid new Bush admin proposal to legalize 3 million illegal Mexican residents and Vicente Fox's enthusiastic (and understandable) Ole!, on CBS, a Mexican migrant worker complained, "Because we're illegal, we're treated like second-class citizens." Well, I guess so. But isn't that the point? Mr. Bush declared proudly, "we are a nation of immigrants." Yes, sir. And that's the glorious story of Ellis Island. And the millions of legal immigrants who passed through its doors. Seems to me this is more about votes than rights.

Fairchild Publications CEO Mary Berner reports the 90th anniversary issue of WWD was "the biggest ever" in the trade paper's glorious history. Ad pages totaled 142 and generated in PIB dollars "over three million." Mary said all three Fairchild consumer titles, W, Details and Jane, had their biggest Septembers ever.

What Broadway critics do you believe? Clive Barnes and even the hard to please John Simon gave Tom Selleck raves for his "A Thousand Clowns." The New York Times said the play was never any good and Tom can't walk and act at the same time.

On newsstand sale today, a big special issue of People mag marking 20 years of MTV. It'll be out there five weeks at $3.95 a pop. And the weekly itself named Paul Caine associate publisher-ad sales.

Carlos Lamadrid, publisher of Fairchild Publications' Instep mag (covering the footwear biz), says that in an episode of "Sex and the City," Sarah Jessica Parker has to use her fave mag, Instep, to scoop off dog poop. Says Carlos, "Any press is good press."

Jane Chesnutt of Woman's Day said the second annual "Women with Heart" lunch raised 150 grand for the American Heart Assn. Judith Jamison, Carolina Herrera and Libby Pataki were honored.

Burton Craige says, stop kvetching! His Coastal Living mag year to date is up 12.4% in ad pages and 12.5% in circ. "Just another day at the beach," says Burton.

Sportswriter Marc Berman of the New York Post came up with a great human interest story, an aging rookie trying to make the Knicks who fought in the Persian Gulf. The guy told Marc a war story of being on patrol and stumbling across a group of Saudi soldiers. "I thought it was the end. But all they wanted was to surrender to us." Nice yarn. Except the Saudis were on our side; it was the Iraqis we were fighting.

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