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Power Lunch scene at the Four Seasons in Manhattan: Bob Kerrey, after his own lunch, hurrying over to slide in next to Walter Anderson of Parade and Peter Maas for a talk over coffee. Looking on: Jerry Della Femina, Ed Kosner, Mort Zuckerman, Philip Johnson, Jack Rudin, Mort Janklow and Israeli Ehud Barak.

Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel mag moved to 530 7th Avenue, N.Y. 10018, at 39th St. That Frommer, always on the go.

The great Katharine Hepburn turned 94. A pal who visited recently in Connecticut tells me, "She has her good days, her bad days. The big problem, keeping her from taking out the rowboat."

Carol Watson Lassiter's the new associate publisher for Vibe.

I got all excited about being asked to a screening of "Moulin Rouge." Until they told me Jose Ferrer wasn't Toulouse-Lautrec in this one. Bummer!

Ken Wallace named Marlene Greenfield research director of corporate research for G&J USA, ad, edit, consumer, the works. She'd been executive director at Hearst Magazines.

Uh-oh, even Business Week has spelling problems. Their weekly highlight sheet headlines a story: "Congratulations, Grads-Your Bankrupt."

Real Simple has a new PR director, Kristen Jones Connell.

In 20 years of publishing, Shape mag never ran a special, 13th issue. Now it will, a special called "Fit Hollywood," reaching newsstands Oct. 16.

Attention Tim McCarver, "Von Ryan's Express" starred Sinatra with Trevor Howard, not long-dead Leslie Howard. But you gotta forgive Tim when during a Yankee game over Fox he gets off a line about Sinatra being shot by Nazis in the final reel: "Frank had lost a step."

Plesser Associates' Andy Plesser celebrated 5th anniversary of his and 10 years in the biz.

Not as cleverly, cockily written (they have no Briton Hadden) but the new Felix Dennis project, The Week magazine, comes pretty close to the original concept of Time 70 years ago as a "rewrite sheet," Luce's own words. One essential difference, The Week (as did Literary Digest) credits the source pubs; Time just lifted the stuff.

Good turnout of writers at the annual John Steinbeck Library of Southampton College fundraiser: Bill Sheed, Barbara Goldsmith, Shana Alexander, Roger Rosenblatt, William G. Flanagan, and like that.

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