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In an radio commercial "Fran Buckley" calls to inform perky young thing "Stephanie" that she's just won ten grand. First words out of "Stephanie"? "Shut up!" Followed by a string of "Oh my Gods." If ads reflect our culture, whatever happened to civility?

Dennis Rodman accused of "date rape" by a blonde? You jest.

BSMG Worldwide's new financial & pro services marketing unit has a president, Daniel J. Reid, a partner of the parent.

Stephen Giannetti's timing is good as he takes over as publisher of National Geographic. The September issue was the best ever for ad pages in the month. Nine-month scorecard: up to 317 from 279 pages last year.

Paging Dottie Lamour. American Hawaii Cruises scheduled 10 "Big band swing & sway" cruises aboard S.S. Independence during 2001, all around the islands.

Lou Cona sent along the September number of InStyle, its biggest ever. For a moment I thought it was Brides. Damn thing runs 702 pages plus inserts. Cover girl's Drew Barrymore, M.E. is Martha Nelson. Let's hear it for both.

Browsing through my September fall fashion Town & Country (also a healthy 270 pages in its 154th year), I note the four-page Chanel ad featuring pouty, sullen models. Coco had no time for pouts or sulks; her mannequins were haughty, imperious, and no less sexy for it, by God!

Cute ad in The New York Times from Golf Digest hailing its "employee of the month," a playing editor name of Woods.

Whitey Ford is a gent and one of the great Yankee pitchers. But a recent New York Post piece hailing Ford exposed the fiction that pro athletes serve gallantly in time of war. A few do, of course, but as for Whitey, during the Korean War years 1951-52, "Mostly he played Army baseball and avoided the Korean Theater."

Manhattan's Circo restaurant (West 55th St.), the young, fun spinoff of Le Cirque, celebrates five years of casual but elegant dining tomorrow evening.

Sandra Hochman and Rob Stoner are previewing their new musical "Rubirosa," all about legendary playboy Forfirio Rubirosa. He married all the heiresses Cary Grant missed.

In November Overlook Press publishes Milton Glaser's "Art Is Work" at 75 bucks. The great Milton, who created the look of New York and so many other things, brought out "Graphic Design" 25 years ago and it became the longest-selling book in publishing history.

Similarly, Money named Robyn Kenyon PR manager.

N.Y. viewers lost perhaps the last serious TV critic who covered both films and stage, when Dennis Cunningham resigned from WCBS-TV after 22 years. Said Dennis, "They'd rather use the time [of his reviews] for gossip about pop stars. Quite frankly, I think that's foolish. People. . .have MTV for that." Will rival WNYW-TV's News Director Susan Sullivan, an alumna of WCBS-TV, make a pass at Dennis?

YM this Thursday welcomes new editor Annemarie Iverson with a party at Light on East 54th Street in N.Y.

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