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Damn! I was so looking forward to meeting Russian tennis babe Anna Kournikova "for an exclusive sneak preview of her new Web site." But the invitation to Caviarteria in Manhattan reached me after the event.

I don't know why everyone's down on George W. just because he can't pronounce "nuclear." Ike was in the White House eight years and was still calling it "nuke-u-lar." And he didn't start World War III.

Latest from the Shelter Island Reporter weekly newspaper out at the end of Long Island. There's a new editor, Jeff Sievers, and they've hired a new reporter, Marc McStay, who graduated in May from Villanova. He was a communications major but more vitally, captained the Div. II rugby champs. Publisher of the Reporter is Gardner Cowles III.

People are already marking their dance cards for Feb. 24. That's when Cosmo salutes Helen Gurley Brown and her new book.

Carolyn Bekkedahl tells me her Shape (a Weider mag) is in pretty good shape itself. December ad pages were 36% ahead of last year and November up 31%.

Belated huzzahs to Lisa Caputo who left Disney Publishing to join giant Citigroup as prez of their Women & Co. division.

New ad sales reps at Entertainment Weekly, Cara Bernstein and Julie Chang.

Brenda Saget reports that born again House & Garden goes into the new year boosting its rate base from 650,000 to 700,000. For this year ad pages were up 7% over '98. The December issue ran 87 pages, 42% better.

Working on new projects for Gruner & Jahr USA is financial whiz Bennett Theimann, who takes on the GM title.

Victoria has a new Midwest ad manager, Karen Loveland.

Sabine Feldmann's the new N.Y. ad manager for Fitness.

Former Bride's Publisher Roger Antin is the new publisher of the Library of Congress magazine, Civilization, which is put out by Randy Jones and his Worth group.

People Group of Time Inc. keeps pumping out the new titles. Their latest, Real Simple, a lifestyle monthly to debut in March, hired Grace Whitney to direct new biz activity.

Times Mirror Magazines International has a new prez, Scott Kabak.

New fashion manager at Mademoiselle is the very fashionable Liana Lincks. Another name you've got to like.

Southwest Airlines Spirit expanded its ad sales staff and named Debbie Cooper ad director.

Fitness, a Gruner & Jahr USA mag, named Kathy Green managing editor. That was her job at American Health.

Re kidnap of Amy Churgin and then Lori Burgess from Primedia by Conde Nast: Conde using Primedia as a farm team?

Frank Merriwell Award winner Keyshawn Johnson throwing a tantrum, trashing teammates? Hard to believe.

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