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Read that superb report on the Sudan by William Finnegan and John Lahr's piece on Arthur Miller in The New Yorker and you realize, Remnick "gets it." Even the cartoons.

Karl Lagerfeld out as the Chanel designer in Paris? That's what WWD hints.

Big story if so.

I don't care what Bob Garfield says: I liked Super Bowl Doritos girl Ali Landry. Did Bob consider the winsome child may be Tom's daughter?

Comp. Lit. What newspaperman was wounded "flying on a joke front like the Italian?"

Dennis Swanson of WNBC-TV, Harry Pearce of GM, Dennis Picard of Raytheon and Ed Miller of Equitable Co. chair April 23's Leatherneck Scholarship Ball at the N.Y. Hilton. Proceeds go to education of children of Marines. In 36 years to date they've raised $17.8 million.

Upward mobility at Weider Publications: new Exec VP-Group Publishing Director is Joan Sheridan LaBarge, new VP for Shape is Carolyn Bekkedahl and new VP for Jump is Agnes Lancaster.

GQ's Art Cooper does what editors should: he applauds the writers. Wednesday at Joe's Pub at the Public Theatre in Manhattan, he hosts a book party for James Ellroy celebrating "Crime Wave," a collection of Jim's pieces that appeared in Art's mag.

Space cadets: the WCBS Newsradio anchorman who warned N.Y. the other morning of a wind-chill factor of "minus zero."

Speaking of dumb, I got Brenda Seidner's first name wrong. She's national sales manager of

Fore! Now it's Golfweek that's out there in cyberspace at, according to Turnstile Publishing, which is owned by Crain Communications Inc.'s President Rance Crain.

Lunching with Worth Publisher Missy Godfrey and Editor Jane Berentson re their new personal finance spinoff for women, Equity, I asked how they could afford spinoffs when parent mag Worth doesn't make any money. Well, I'm assured Worth broke into the black in October and has positive figures this year so far. Jane, a real star at The Wall Street Journal, edits both parent and spinoff. Equity's first test issue last fall ran 40 ad pages; the second in April will run 50. It'll be bagged with parent Worth as before, but also sold on some newsstands. Reader reaction: 1,200 favorable responses in four weeks from owners, partners, managers, most with their own portfolios. CEO Randy Jones, as noted, cut ties to Fidelity and has new backers, a group of ex-Goldman Sachs hotshots, Greenwich Street Capital Partners.

National Youth Service Day in April named as official publications of the event, Parade and its teen spinoff, react.

Sport (Petersen Publishing) has a new executive editor, John Roach, formerly with PN.

Belated congrats to Health (Time Inc.) for promoting Publisher Mary Morgan to VP.

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