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What a ghastly affair Renaissance Weekend must have been, three days of the teddibly well-informed and influential chatting with Hillary and trying not to stare at the president's fly. Oh, the hypocrisy, the artificiality, the humanity. . .

Tomorrow (Jan. 12) ESPN's topper Steve Bornstein and crew take over the Museum of TV & Radio on West 52nd (just down the block from 21) in Manhattan for a big press conference, screening and breakfast, promoting their SportsCentury programming to debut Jan. 22. ESPN's picks for the top 100 athletes of the century and lots more. Hurry, hurry, hurry!

Ads I love: every one of the Bud Lights and the Southwest Air commercial of the NFL ref who can't find a coin to toss.

Jeff Katz, a Manhattan real estate developer who's snatched up prominent outdoor advertising sites in Times Square (if you saw the New Year's Eve carousals you saw some of his signage), formed Sherwood Outdoor, a new agency to handle outdoor advertising. And hired Brian Turner from WABC-AM radio to run the business.

NY PR man Joe Goldstein signed with big European outfit Havas to do publicity assignments.

Esquire's showing real signs of life these days (that hilarious David Sedaris piece on life in a Norman village for example). But a battered Jerry Springer on the cover competing with GQ's bikini girl Heidi Klum?

If like me you're a radio nut, get this new book, "Raised on Radio," by Gerald Nachman for Pantheon.

Big doings tonight (Jan. 11) when Alicia Silverstone et al celebrate Mademoiselle's makeover at 145 Wooster St. in Manhattan.

David Pecker named Carolyn Bekkedahl VP-publisher of Family Life!

I think I'm starting to understand doing business on the Internet. But who gift wraps the stuff?

Boating (Hachette) named Wade Luce its ad director. He'd been running Western sales. Got a good magazine name, doncha think?

During the playoffs this weekend I swear I saw an NFL player without a tattoo or an earring.

Who pays the Coast Guard when it has to rescue these hot air balloon whackos?

Howard Wilson (Atlantic City Press) is the new prez of the Advertising Media Credit Executives Assn.

Next month Good Housekeeping begins airing 12 90-second reports per month over 30 local TV stations nationwide.

A book club for pre-teens? This good idea is being launched this month by Petersen and Scholastic Inc.

My fave cover line of February on a woman's mag? "Be the best sex of his life. How to tease him mercilessly, seduce him slowly, and then rock his world in ways he's only dreamed about." Guess which mag?

Best inside headline, Courtney Rubin's piece in Washingtonian," "How to Meet a

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