Brady's Bunch

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Cheney & Rummy & Bush, Cheney & Rummy & Bush

Our surplus has vanished, prosperity's banished/Under Cheney & Rummy & Bush.

Saddam's taunting, Osama's still haunting

Poor Cheney & Rummy & Bush.

The tax cut did wonders, or was it a blunder?

Gas prices are soaring, the oil biz is roaring

For Cheney & Rummy & Bush.

We're bogged down in Iraq, alas and alack.

Korea, don't ask, an impossible task.

It's a policy scandal even Condee can't handle,

California's gone loony, Alabama as well

They all think it's swell, do Cheney & Rummy & Bush.

The EPA lies, the environment dies,

Hooray for stock options and other concoctions

They're invariably right (though not very bright),

Cheney & Rummy & Bush.

If only we had just one sensible Dem,

Not for forever but only pro tem.

Kucinich & Kerry, Al Sharpton & Dean/What choice is that, the fat and the lean?

To hell with the doggerel, just give them a push

Cheney & Rummy & Dubya Bush!

The September Vogue arrived, delivered via six-by truck with its 578 ad pages, the fourth largest Vogue issue ever. Year to date the monthly's up 73 ad pages to 2,131 vs. 2,058 last year.

Fascinating cover story on Sidney Weinberg of Goldman Sachs, creator of the "modern" board of directors, says Directors & Boards magazine in its current issue. Editor-Publisher James Kristie sent it along.

American Express Publishing's Travel & Leisure hired as contributing editors Ian Buruma, Pankaj Mishra and Daniel Mendelsohn, household names all. The monthly's ad pages are up 22% through August and newsstand is up 12%.

Harper's is crowing about The Atlantic's decision to lower its rate base from 450,000 to 325,000 next year to attract "better-quality" subscribers. Nice to see them "follow our lead," says Publisher John "Rick" MacArthur of Harper's.

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