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Walter Anderson's latest book will be published Sept. 2 by HarperCollins. And it's a stunner. The longtime Parade editor and now CEO reveals (not even his best friends knew) a long-held family secret. An abused kid and then combat Marine sergeant in Vietnam, Andy learned following his dad's death the answer to a question he asked his mother more than 30 years ago, "The man we just buried. Was he my father?" The book, titled "Meant To Be," details the young editor's shock and his subsequent search for his real father and the eventual meeting with a brother (a successful TV writer) he never knew he had. Publishers Weekly gave the yarn a rave and ran a sidebar Q&A with Anderson. First printing is a hefty 60,000 and talk shows beckon. Full disclosure, I've known Walter and written for Parade for nearly 20 years, and never heard even a hint of all this.

Preening over lunch at Michael's, More Publisher Carol Campbell. That morning's Times listed Lucky, Real Simple and More as the top three ad page gainers in the biz.

Speaking of Lucky, Sandy Golinkin says September just closed with a record-breaking 192 ad pages, up 34%.

Paige Rense chose a batch of top interior designers to decorate "rooms with a view of Central Park" and will unveil them in October in an Architectural Design exhibit, first time the magazine has done something like this. Designers she hasn't asked to participate are said to be stamping their tiny feet.

CBS MarketWatch Weekend just aired its 200th consecutive show.

Fortune Small Business with its controlled circ of a million, doing okay with ad bookings YTD up 15%. Their annual ranking of the "fastest growing" came out this month with a crackling 45% increase in ads.

Lisa Hughes tells me Conde Nast Traveler through August is up 12% in ad pages, 15th straight month of higher sales.

Movement in N.Y.-area daily paper circulation figures. Luce Info Services, which measures such things, says in the national top 10, the Post moved up from 10 to 8, Newsday dropped from 8 to 9. The News remains at 6, the Times at 3. USA Today and The Wall Street Journal are 1 and 2. Speaking of the Times, I'm sure he's a grand fellow and a brilliant choice, but I find it unsettling to have an editor known as just plain "Bill."

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