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Mr. Bush is shocked, shocked! to be told there may have been an intelligence screw-up. "They keep these things from me," he explained.

Amid all the hand-wringing over lousy first quarter ad sales, a few rays of sunshine to ease the furrows in Chuck Townsend's brow. Conde Nast Traveler Publisher Elizabeth Henriques Hughes, while testing a new inflatable kayak (prudently in their offices and not at sea), reports the February issue is up 37% over 2002 (not `03) and 9% ahead in pages so far this year. While over at Vogue, Tom Florio says their March issue, with 454 pages, will be the largest for the month in their history. The new ABC numbers indicate another new Vogue high, 1,261,312 copies.

Meanwhile, David Zinczenko of Men's Health says January and March pages were up and their latest newsstand sales figures show a boost of 5.5% to an average of 465,000. The magazine's single sales guru thinks the January issue may top 600,000 sell-through.

Like the N.Y. Post head on the Timberlake-Janet Jackson halftime nonsense: "Tit for Tat."

Michael's crack legal team must have loved this latest display of Jackson family gravitas.

Also of dubious taste, considering the dead astronauts were being memorialized, having Aerosmith dressed up in spacesuits climbing into a shuttle and then breaking into song. "Springtime for Hitler" revisited.

Child mag and Barnes & Noble team up Thursday to name the 50 best kids' books of the year.

They finally opened the new Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle with a blacktie gala last Wednesday night.

ProCirc, the circulation services division of DJG Marketing, New York, signed Dan Capell as senior consultant.

Steve Forbes speaks Feb. 11 at a 21 Club breakfast on the future of the economy and equities. Steve's flat tax proposals look better all the time.

A WCBS radio reporter covering the South Carolina primary was asked, "the black vote isn't monolithic down there, is it?" Said Peter King, "yes, it's 30% of the total."

Rosie O'Donnell shows up in full flower at the Martha Stewart trial to manifest her concern. Another cross for Martha to bear?

And why is Myrna Blyth so cross? I'll be lunching with her to find out.

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