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With the nation saved from that arch-fiend Martha Stewart, can we soon expect equivalent prosecutorial zeal on Bush crony Kenneth ("Kenny Boy") Lay?

Jayson Blair's book of lies ran a page ad in The New York Times Book Review. Considering Publisher Michael Viner accused the Times of all sorts of wickedness, that rates as either dumb or chutzpah.

A Brit correspondent named Jolyon Connell, working the Washington beat years ago had an idea: If White House staffers could compile a daily briefing report for the president, why couldn't journalists scanning scores of newspapers/magazines do a similar compilation for busy business leaders and opinion shapers? So was born smart and sassy The Week in Blighty, where Felix Dennis saw it, liked it, bought it, and today sells 90,000 subs in the U.K. and 200,000 of the U.S. version. Over lunch with Publisher Carolyn Kremins I suggested impertinently, hadn't Luce and Hadden done just that in the 1920s with Time? "Yes, but," said Carolyn, a smart cookie who spends half her life trekking coast to coast and who published Maxim for Mr. Dennis during its extraordinary American introduction. Then she launched into her spiel. Mario Cuomo swears by The Week, so do Harvey Weinstein, Charlie Rose and Barry Diller, Nick Dunne and Woody Allen. They limit ads to 30% of the pages, sell only full or multiple pages, don't believe in newsstands, and are building circ with a 25-issue offer at $19.75. Demos? 70% male, median age 47.2, median household income $87,000, professional/managerial 77%. Harry Evans is consulting editor, "wit & wisdom" the slogan.

Elizabeth Baker Keffer tells me The Atlantic is 5% ahead in ad pages YTD after a 20% rise in `03.

Gruner+Jahr USA Publishing named Cindy Still exec VP-consumer marketing.

Deft, sinewy Q&A by BusinessWeek's Editor Steve Shepard with Jack Welch.

Crack D.C.-based travel/hospitality PR woman Karon Cullen (clients include the Crillon in Paris, the Martinez in Cannes) has a posh new one in Dublin called The Merrion, four elegant Georgian townhouses combined five years ago into a small, luxury hotel.

Kate Kelly Smith reports that Prevention (the big little Rodale book) is up 18% in ad pages over the first four months including a 38% increase for April. Let's hear it for Kate!

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