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Good news for Pisces people: PETA is out with its annual Litterbox Awards, bestowed on companies that "are disrespectful of animals," as a press release puts it, and the Golden Scoop winner, for the year's most offensive ad, goes to, get this: a British Save the Children print ad in which a goldfish is removed from its bowl and left to flounder, in order to demonstrate that "20 million children have been forced from their homes by war."

So if the most offensive ad featured a mere fish, this wasn't such a bad year for animal cruelty, right? Yes and no, says Anna West, head of PETA's Animals in Advertising Campaign. "Animals were popular with advertisers last year, and because more ads featured animals, there were more cases of both negative and positive advertising. We chose this ad because torturing an animal to make a point about child safety struck us as the most appalling of all the ad concepts." Moreover, "we featured this ad because people think fish don't deserve consideration," she continues. "We feel that any animal who feels pain or fear deserves to be treated with compassion. And according to the animal welfare advisor to the British government, `Anatomically, physiologically and biologically, the pain system in fish is virtually the same as in birds and mammals.' Advertisers wouldn't show a kitten being held underwater and drowned, but we feel that all animals deserve protection from abuse - not just the cute ones."

So goldfish aren't cute? Yikes, what a dis!

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