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Cleary Simpson was an associate publisher at Life before helping launch Sports Illustrated for Kids in 1989. Its Web site for children ( draws diverse sponsors; a new site ( targets parents. This year, the magazine launches a 10th anniversary 20-city bus tour with an interactive sports truck and museum.

Title: publisher.

Age: 48.

Game plan: To develop more outlets reaching kids wherever they spend time -- online, at school and at play.

Fact: In 1990, kids spent $6 billion of their own money. In 1997, that number was $23.4 billion. Kids influenced $187 billion in overall spending in 1997.

Opinion: Kids are not as fickle as you think. They're open to experimentation but surprisingly loyal to brands.

Insight: Kids are developing adultlike tastes in fashion, technology and entertainment. The automotive industry is becoming increasingly interested in targeting kids. The kids riding in the cars have pretty strong opinions about cars.

Tip: Respect kids and talk directly to them in advertising. They're far more

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